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MV Lens No.17 Clear MV Lens No.17 Clear Dia 0.128 Drill size No.30

ANY 1.75      

MV Lens No.20 clear MV Lens No.20 Clear 4 per pack Dia 0.086 Drill size No.44

ANY 2.20      

MV Lens No.21 Clear MV Lend No.21 Clear Dia 0.136 Drill size No.29

ANY 1.75      

MV Lens No.22 Clear MV Lens No.22 Clear Dia 0.063 Drill No.52 4 per pack

ANY 2.20      

MV LENS No.25 Clear MV Lens Clear No.25 Dia 0.0778 Drill Size No.47 4 per pack

ANY 2.20      

MV LENS No.26 Clear MV Lens No.26 Clear 4 per pack Dia 0.073 Drill soze No.49

ANY 2.20      

MVLens P/N 26 MV Products Lenses PN-26 Clear

ANY 2.20      

MV Lens No.29 Clear MV Lens No.29 Clear Dia 0.1015 Drilll Size No.38

ANY 1.10      

MV LENS No. 149 Clear MV Lens No.149 Clear 1 per pack

ANY 1.00      

MV Prod No.149 Clr Lens MV Products No.149 clear Lens

HO 0.90      

MVProducts No.166 MV Products No.166 Lens Clear 1 per pack

ANY 1.00      

MV Lens No.173 MV Products No.173 Lens Clear 1 per packl

ANY 1.00      

MV Lens No.180 Clear MV Lens No.180 Clear Lens

HO 1.00      

MV Lens Clear No.185 MV Lens Clear No.185 1 per pack

ANY 1.00      

MV Lens No.300 Clear MV Products No.300 Clear Lens Dia 0.052 Drill size No.52

ANY 2.20      

MV Lens Red No.301 MV Lens red No.301 Dia 0.052 Drill size No.55

ANY 2.20      

MV Lens No.302 Green MV Lens No.302 small Green lenses Dia 0.052 No.52 Drill

ANY 2.20      

MV Lens No.303 amber MV Lens No. 303 Amber marker lens Dia 0.052 Drill size No.52

ANY 2.20      

MV Lens No.700 Cleasr Lens MV Products No.700 Clear Lens Drill soze No.56 Clearn 4 per pack

ANY 2.20      

MV Lens L-185 MV Products Lens L-185 (Clear)

ANY 1.00      

MV Lens LS 13 Clear MV Lens LS 13 Clear for PFM Pacifric Coast Shay

HO 1.95      

MV Lens No.LS 18 Clr/Red MV Lens No. LS 18 Clear and Red Dia 0.073, Drill No. 49

ANY 1.75      

MV Lens LS 19 clr/red MV Lens LS 19 asst 6 clear 1 red Dia 0.078/2 mm Drill size No.47

ANY 3.50      

MV Prod LS 202 Amb Lens MV Products LS 202 Amber Lens 71/2 in. for Ho Scale

HO 2.20      

MV Lens No. LS 27 clear MV Products Lens LS 27 Cleaar Dia 0.086 Drill size No.44

ANY 1.10      

MV Products LS 280 lens(C) MV Products LS 280 clear Lens set (4 per pack Dia - 0.082

ANY 2.20      

MV Lens LS 601 Red M V. Products Red Lens LS 601 Drill size No.50 4 pcs per pack

ANY 2.20      

M V Lens LS 8 clear lens M V. Products LS No.8 Clear lens set for the WSM/Balbla Max Gray GS-4 4-8-4

HO 2.20      

MV Lens LS 501 M V Products LS 501 lens 3 pcs red,silver and green

ANY 1.65      

MV Lens P/N 180 MV Products Lens P/N 180 (clear)

ANYT 1.00      

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